Tally Solved Questions

Purchase a/c Dr            5000
          To Cash                          5000
Cash a/c Dr         2500
To Sales 2500
Rent a/c Dr      5000
To Cash 5000
(Being Rent Paid)
Cash a/c Dr           700
        To Interest                      700
(Being Interest Recieved)
Mohan a/c Dr         8700
To Sales 8700
(Being Goods Sold on Credit to Mohan)
Purchase a/c Dr         12000
To Ram 12000
(Being Goods Purchased from Ram on Credit)
Ram a/c Dr         12000
To Cash 12000
(Being Paid Cash for Goods Purchased from Ram)
Cash a/c Dr         12000
To Mohan 12000
(Being Recieved Cash from Mohan)
Machinery a/c Dr         7700
To Cash 7700
(Being Machinery Purchased for Business)
Commission a/c Dr         100
To Cash 100
(Being Commission Paid)
Postage a/c Dr         100
To Cash 100
(Being Purchased Postage)

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